Where would Len have rated had he gone to a US HS?

This is a debate I know we've played around with here on this site, but now we have one WHOLE game of visual evidence to base our rampant speculation on. Maybe still too early to make a definitive statement, but hey, this is all about fun. With that in mind, I think we'd all agree he'd be top 100 in his class. To give a little basis for comparison, I'll post the Scout rankings/profiles for similar players by size and position from 2011 and 2012 below the jump.


#1 Anthony Davis 6'10" 220

#13 Cody Zeller 6'10" 210

#40 Adjehi Baru 6'9" 215 (just for fun)

#49 Amir Williams 6'10" 220

#54 Hunter Mickelson 6'10" 195

#68 Marshall Plumlee 7'0" 215


#5 Isaiah Austin 7'0" 200

#8 Kaleb Tarczewski 7'0 220

#28 Willie Cauley 6'11" 210

#54 Prince Ibeh 6'11" 210 (report doesn't offer much, but we know this guy, right?)

#71 Danrad "Chicken" Knowles 6'10" 195

#94 Mike Tobey 6'11" 210

First FanPost, so if it sucks, I apologize and will try to do better next time.

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