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Maryland Terrapins vs. Albany Great Danes: The GameThread

Apologies, all, for not being more active since Monday; I've been traveling quite a bit and haven't had a chance to check up on things as much as I usually have. I'll try to be around tonight as much as I can, but no promises.

Not like you'll need me, though: you have Alex Len. As you all know, our dear Olexiy is finally going to take the court for the first time as a Maryland Terrapin tonight, and I'm sure we're all delighted to see how he'll fare.

Sadly, no TV tonight for this one. (Poor foresight on that one, in retrospect.) It's on (free!) and TerpsTV ($, even though it's the same feed), and I don't believe there are any geographic restrictions, so everyone should be able to catch it. Tips at 8:00.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Pe'Shon Howard outscores Terrell Stoglin. No, I don't know why.

Prediction: Len's return bolsters Maryland's inside game, but he's still plenty raw, as is Pe'Shon Howard. So, much as we've come to expect, things will be shaky for much of the game. But with Howard getting more into the flow and Len downing some lobs, I have a hunch this one will be easier going than the past few. Terps by 8.

For today's game: how many points + rebounds will Len snag (e.g., 5 points and 3 boards = 8) with minutes as the tiebreaker. I'm guessing 9 (6+3) in 22 minutes.