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Maryland Minute - 12.27.11 - Post-Holiday Clippings

Pride Jersey and Hat. Best. Gifts. Ever.
Pride Jersey and Hat. Best. Gifts. Ever.

Hope everyone had a wonderful X-Mas/is having a wonderful Hanukkah/Festivus/Kwanza, etc. The picture used above is of two of the gifts my wife got for me. They are awesome. Hope all of you students did well on finals and I hope everyone else has a great end of 2011.

Q&A with Maryland football coach Randy Edsall -
The Baltimore Sun's Peter Schmuck does a q&a with Randy Edsall. Why Schmuck is doing this interview is beyond me, but it's worth a read. It actually made me feel like there is promise/hope for next year. Add in Locks and a stud DC, and I might actually get excited about next season. BTW, despite how poorly Edsall has handled a lot of things in his brief tenure here, this is why you can't really fire a coach after just one season, sort of some scandal or criminal activity. I think Edsall will end up doing good here, but I'm still not sure he was the best hire for what we needed. But I'm willing to give him time, especially since he seems to be/have learned from the mistakes he's made.

Terps excited to get 7-foot-1 freshman Alex Len into the mix -
This is an article that Jeff Barker did for the Sun, but the Herald is posting it on their site. If you read it here, you get around the Sun's paywall.

Men's basketball: Finally fully loaded, Terps to take on Albany - Carroll County Times: Local
Another piece on the Terps finally being at full strength, preparing for ACC play, etc.

Conference Power Rankings: ACC - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Terps check in at #8 in ESPN's power rankings. I can't saw I disagree too much here, but I have to think that they'll slowly climb out of this spot and end up around 5 or 6 by season's end. It all depends on the impact we get from Howard and Len.

Jordan Williams Is Out Of Shape Again - Half Smokes - SB Nation DC
Ouch. Jordan is not in shape and thus was not active for the game against the Wiz.

"I thought I could have been in much better shape. I could have prepared myself better," said Williams, sitting down inside the visiting team locker room Monday night. "I wasn’t sure [when the lockout] was going to end. I kept pushing it off, pushing it off. You can’t really dwell on the past. You just have to move on and stay positive, be the best teammate I can and just keep working hard and get myself ready to play."

I wish him the best of luck but he's facing an uphill battle and clearly not helping his cause at the moment...

LaMont Jordan: From gridiron to hardwood - The Washington Post
Cool video piece on LaMont Jordan, who's now working with Suitland High's girls basketball team. He's a HUGE supporter of Maryland's women's bball program, btw.

Maryland Terrapins | Facebook
Maryland is giving away free tickets to the women's game on Thursday between the Terps and the winner of the ECU/Delaware game the day before. Delaware is good (#19) and the Terps are currently the #5 team in the country, so go check it out if you're around. h/t to terpfan92 for spotting this.