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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, etc.: whatever you're celebrating this season, we wish you the best.

It's Christmas Day in the Broman household today, so I'll be in and out all day if anything happens, though I'd be shocked if anything did.

More importantly: as many of you know, I now reside in Indiana, but the rest of my extended family (both sides) are on the East Coast. So I'll be trekking all up and down the Eastern seaboard over the next week, including a much-needed stop in Maryland. I'll try to check in when I can, but my availability will be varied at best, including for the long-awaited, little-televised Alex Len debut on the 28th.

Full disclosure, and all. Just wanted to make sure everybody knew that I may or may not be posting this coming week in case you notice a bit less activity than usual around these parts. (That said, it's also a good time to say something that never gets said enough: thanks for being here. I don't want to get sappy nor turn this into a circlejerk moment, but seriously: all of you commenters and posters are consistently a delight and have been instrumental in making us into what we are now. It consistently sounds like a cliché, I know, but everyone here makes doing this so easy and certainly worth it. So thanks.)

Now go drink some eggnog.