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Maryland Minute 12.22.11: Turgeon, Faust Celebrate the Return of Pe'Shon Howard

Quotes from Turgeon on Radford and MVPe's availability
Dude, I love Mark Turgeon.

"Pe'Shon is going to play. He looks great, has no pain in his foot, played every drill, every practice. He is still a little bit out of shape, but he's doing amazing well. He'll probably help us more defensively than anything. He'll help out the intensity on defense and then of course he can take Terrell [Stoglin] off the ball which really helps.


"They cleared him on I think Saturday. It was a magical day. He was out there and I said, 'Is he supposed to come out?' They said, 'No.' He just kept staying in there. I said, 'Does it hurt?' He said, `No.'

Oh, 'tis a magical day indeed.

More on Pe's return from the Post
Nick seems to be happy with it.

"It’s a burden off my shoulders," Faust said of Howard’s return. "I’m just focused on the [shooting guard and small forward]. I’m back to the old me."

Hopefully he sees an uptick in his quality of play. The rough start was more than understandable, but still a bit disappointing. I still think there's a little Jeremy Lamb somewhere in there.

Mike Locksley hire a gamble - Dinich
Love you, Heather.

Let me get this straight: In order to improve Maryland football and the dreadful perception of it right now, coach Randy Edsall hired an offensive coordinator who has more baggage than Santa’s sleigh.

It's easy to hate on Dinich, but it's not like she's crossed a line point out the risk in the hire. It's obvious. It's also a good risk for Maryland to take, and I'm waiting for someone to point that out.

Bob Lichtenfels on the Locksley hire: "Shit just got real"
So that sounds good. I really need to hear something from Wes Brown or Eddie Goldman on this, though.

Dexter's Logan: 'More comfortable at Maryland'
He's a "city person" and didn't feel as comfortable in the more traditional college town of Raleigh as he did in the very un-college-town environment of Maryland. Another thing I didn't think would ever work in our favor just did.

Anyway, the potential for immediate PT also seemed to impress him. I wonder if that's a signal that Kenny Tate might be heading back to safety.

Terps commitment Dallas Griffiths is a 'prototypical middle linebacker'
Looks like Lyndon Johnson made this pull. I have to say that Griffiths sounds like a fairly intriguing prospect; decent size, good speed, good downhill tackler. There's some potential there.

R.J. Dill ends up at Rutgers
In case anyone was interested.