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Maryland Minute 12.21.11: Can the Terps Make a Run?

The Maryland Minute is back with a vengeance. This edition has optimism for Terps basketball and some notes on our latest football recruit. Let's kick it off.

Jeff Goodman likes Maryland, thinks they can make a run
That makes one of us, but it's still great to hear.

The more I think about this Maryland team, there's no reason they can't make a run somewhere in the top half of the league. After Duke and Carolina, it's fairly wide open. Sure, Florida State has no shortage of players and both Virginia and Virginia Tech have more talent than Maryland, but the Terps have a star in Stoglin -- and now he won't have to do it all for Turgeon.

He also says Len might start from Day One. - BB

My take: I'd imagine Len will eventually work his way into the starting lineup, but I doubt it's from Day One. Also, I tend to agree with Goodman. If Turgeon can somehow figure out how to make this Pe'Shon/Stoglin PG situation work, the Terps may surprise some people.

Turgeon takes in City v. Patterson in Baltimore
According to a couple tweets. He was presumably there to see 2014 Dwayne Morgan. He also probably enjoyed the Aquille Carr show.

New LB commit already sticking it to FSU
From IMS:

"Terps new commitment, LB Dallas Griffiths from Tallahassee, says he chose Maryland in part for the chance to show FSU it whiffed on him."

I like.

Isaac Goins "a shutdown corner"

Lee Hull made this pull. Goins also had offers from Idaho, San Jose State, and, uh, New Mexico. Hm. - BB

The highest paid college assistant coaches - Photos
The good news is that Maryland is willing to pay it's assistants a lot of money. The bad news is they didn't deserve it. - DT

Analyzing ACC Coaching Changes, (Pt. 1) Articles
A look at the recent ACC coaching changes in basketball. There have been a lot over the last 3 years... - DT

Another way to look at point guards - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Eamonn Brennan looks at some point guards and talks about Stoglin. - DT

Mansfield gets its groove back - The Sun Chronicle Online - Sports
Contrary to popular belief, Stella had nothing to do with Mansfield getting its groove back. Instead, Terp commit Jake Layman dropped 21-points, 26-rebounds and 7 blocks in a big win last week.