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Mike Locksley Officially Introduced as Maryland Offensive Coordinator

Well, that took long enough. We knew it was coming for a full week now, but it's taken until just now to get the official word from the University: Mike Locksley is Maryland's next offensive coordinator. Way to play the news cycle, Kevin.

InsideMDSports is the first with the full press release. It's standard press release fodder and of course contains no particularly interesting notes or quotes. Locks and Edsall exchanged pleasantries by way of predictable sound bites about how happy they both are to be in this situation, how much they admire each other, and so on and so forth.

All I care about: this means Locksley can legally recruit. I mean, technically speaking he could've been recruiting before this, but, uh, whatever. Start selling Ron Darby and Wes Brown hard.

This also means I can start publishing some stories I wrote over the weekend for publication post-Locksley announcement. The first will be heading your way in about an hour. Until then, rejoice.