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Maryland Keeps Loading Up on Linebackers, Lands Commitment from Dallas Griffiths

Think he's bulked-up enough? Image via <a href=""></a>
Think he's bulked-up enough? Image via

Hey Maryland coaching staff, have enough linebacker commitments yet? No? Okay, here's another.

The Terrapins' latest commitment - their 20th of the cycle and the mind-numbing sixth linebacker by my count - is Dallas Griffiths, a Tallahassee inside linebacker also sporting offers from Georgia Tech, South Florida, and Southern Miss, among others. Griffiths continues the recruiting momentum built up by the Terrapins' coaching staff after landing highly-regarded Massachusetts linebacker Abner Logan yesterday. (H/T to Maryland1206 to getting this in the FanPosts.)

Griffiths is a solid get at this point, especially given the way things looked just a few days ago. He's at his best against the run, and I've long called him like a Wujciak-lite type; I know Wuj got some flak from the more "elevated" fans, but last year's team would've been so much better with a Wujciak type blowing up runs in the middle. He does a really nice job of plugging holes and looks a solid wrap-up tackler. Not sure you want him back in coverage, but that's what you have a secondary for.

Anyway, Griffiths joins Logan, Shawn Petty, Avery Thompson, Stefan Houston, and Brock Dean as Maryland commitments who were recruited as linebackers. Guys like Petty (QB), Logan (RB), or Houston (S) could all end up moving around once they get on campus, but in truth Edsall & Co. needed to load up on 'backers this year. Kenny Tate, Darin Drakeford, and Demetrius Hartsfield will all be seniors next year, leaving only Alex Twine, Lorne Goree, Cole Farrand, and defensive back transplants Avery Graham, Desmond Kearse, and Mario Rowson (and who knows if they stay there once Todd Bradford packs up?).

That's not a lot of depth if there are any transfers or position changes, and it would prove problematic if one of the pure linebackers got injured, transferred, or decided to go on a car-punching rampage. So picking up some quality depth, particularly depth that can move around if need be, is a good idea.

It's also a continuation of what looks like (and needs to be) a strong recruiting finish. Maryland needs depth and talent in a big way, and additions like Griffiths and Logan help out in both departments. Now they need to go get some skill players. (Paging Dr. Locksley.)