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Maryland Lands Massachusetts Linebacker Abner Logan

And Mike Locksley had nothing to do with it! Image via <a href=""></a>
And Mike Locksley had nothing to do with it! Image via

Everybody knows that with the mass of transfers in the offseason, Maryland and Randy Edsall need a strong recruiting finish. They got a good start today, grabbing the commitment of Massachusetts linebacker Abner Logan.

Dexter football player Abner Logan Jr. has verbally committed to the University of Maryland for the fall of 2012, according to head coach Casey Day. [...]

"Abner really felt comfortable with Maryland, he has family there and they have a great business program, which is something Abner wants to major in," Day said. "Keith Dudzinski (linebacker coach at Maryland) did a great job of recruiting him and (head coach) Randy Edsall got UConn into a BCS Bowl game, so that carries some cache."

I linked to Logan's Big Board profile above, but if you're lazy, he's a pretty fantastic get all things considered. A four-star on Rivals (three-star on ESPN and Scout, four-star on 247), he also had offers from N.C. State, Northwestern, Syracuse, and a few other Big Six conference schools. He could've played either RB or LB, but given how much Maryland needs help at 'backer, it's probably no surprise that he'll end up on defense.

A lot of his highlights have him at running back, so it's a little tough for an untrained eye like me to give some input on how that'll translate. What's there on defense shows a good tackler who likes to deliver an occasional knock-out blow. And I can't wait for his first interception return.

With that out of the way, Maryland should be pretty much set at LB. Now they should turn their attention to getting Wes Brown, Albert Reid, or Jamie Gilmore at running back and using Mike Locksley's presence to poach a few big-time locals.

P.S.: Seems like the family factor was a big draw for Logan, given that it was in the first sentence. I never thought that the DMV being such a transient area would ever actually help Maryland, but here we are.