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Maryland Minute - 12.19.11 - Locksley Spotted on Campus

Not too much going on right now for Maryland as everyone continues to take finals. And to those of you that are experiencing the joy of finals, best of luck. Hopefully this provides you with a nice study break.

Twitter / @chism22: Just seen coach Locksley u ...
Apparently Cam Chism saw Locksley at Gossett. Hopefully the hire will be announced today. And hopefully the decision to hire Locks was Edsall's and not Kevin Anderson's....

Anderson deserves brunt of the blame for Terps football woes -

From what I hear, hiring Crowton was Anderson’s idea. Edsall really wanted to hire Joe Moorhead, his offensive coordinator at Connecticut. He was told that he needed a hire to create some buzz to quiet the criticism Anderson received for bringing in a meat-and-potatoes tactician such as Edsall when you have the ACC’s reigning ACC rookie of the year returning at quaterback. That worked out well.

If this is in fact true, then a put a LOT more blame on Kevin Anderson this year over Edsall. Force feeding a coordinator to a coach is a bad, bad decision/move and doing so with Gary Crowton was a terrible mistake. I actually think having Joe Moorhead would have been great. We could have, you know, utilized Meggett and D.J. Adams (okay, maybe not) and Danny O'Brien.

Tucsonan Terrell Stoglin lighting it up for the Maryland Terrapins, but what could have been? - Arizona Desert Swarm
SBNation's Arizona blog, Arizona Desert Swarm, takes a look at what could have been had the Wildcats successfully recruited Stoglin rather than the Terps.

It's a whole new Ball game for ex-Terps RB in Denver - Washington Times
Nice piece by Lance Ball, who in case you didn't know, is doing a lot of running for the Broncos these days.

Terps RB will transfer to James Madison | CollegeFootballTalk
Jeremiah Wilson is transferring to James Madison. But the main reason I'm linking to this NBC Sports blog is because of the picture they used in it. Hil-arious.