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Maryland AD Kevin Anderson: "No Question" Randy Edsall is "the Right Guy"

Well, what else did you expect? It's not a great strategy to disparage your head coach in the press.

Edsall's job is safe. "There's no question in my mind I got the right guy here," Anderson said Friday in an interview. [...]

"We spent some time after the game, and then we spent some time on the phone," Anderson said. "We are going to get together [Saturday] night. We are going to go over everything and talk about what we thought was good and what we thought wasn't so good, and where we go from here. He has put some thoughts together. I definitely have some thoughts. We are going to review the program top to bottom and then ... we'll make decisions on how we're going to move forward."

The second paragraph is extremely vague - what are the "thoughts"? - but the only thing I could imagine it being would be staff changes. It's not likely to include Gary Crowton thanks to that albatross of a contract, which is a shame because he's the worst offender. But at least it's something.

And this should squelch any remaining steam in the "Fire Edsall" train, sunk cost or no. It isn't a likelihood that Anderson will make a habit of going back on his word. In truth, firing Edsall after a single season was never a likelihood (although it has become conceivable, which is a little staggering given how impossible that usually is). Unless the impossible happens and he ends up in Jacksonville, Rockin' Randy will still be an ice cream flavor in College Park next year.

Of course, this might be reminding you of something ... and we know how that turned out. Obviously quite a bit changed in the timing between those two events and it's hardly a good example of Anderson's trustworthiness in the press given the circumstances, but still: stuff can happen. Just don't expect it to.

(PS: Anderson also said this:

"This is their job interview," Anderson said. "I can't allow them to come in with their pants down on their ankles, their hats cocked, and not sitting up and looking me in the eye when I'm talking because that's not what life is all about. [Ravens coach] John Harbaugh demands the same things from their guys as Randy does."

No wonder he likes Edsall. "I'm from Maryland, and I don't like hats.")