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Video: Larry Brown Attends Maryland Practice, Compliments Mark Turgeon A Lot

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I've been prepping for days for the "Mike Locksley as offensive coordinator" hire to be announced for a solid three days now - you'll be hit with a barrage of posts, have no doubt - but now that it's post-5:00 I think we need to accept that it won't be coming down today. Sad.

Instead, sate yourself with this video of legendary coach Larry Brown fawning over Mark Turgeon's coaching abilities.

This was going to be MM fodder, but it's a slow day and so I figured it can go full-post. Larry Brown saying "[Mark Turgeon] has a rare gift to teach," is a pretty great endorsement, wouldn't you say? On that note, is there any way we can get Brown on the staff as a semi-coach, like Gene Keady at St. John's or Joe Harrington?

Also, if you're jonesing for some Alex Len, he throws down a pretty nice dunk at 1:24. Nine days, folks.