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Kenny Tate, Three Other Terrapins Receive Medical Waivers, Extra Year of Eligibility

Maryland football really is quite the rollercoaster, no? A solid month of bad news, and then all of a sudden: bam, three straight days of positive developments.

Today's? Four Terrapins were granted medical hardship waivers, which will give them an extra year of eligibility in College Park: Tyrek Cheeseboro, Isaiah Ross, Matt Robinson and, yes, Kenny Tate.

Obviously, Tate's the big name there. He really struggled at linebacker last season (duh, it isn't his real position) but still has the potential (and I'd assume the ability) to be one of the nation's elite safeties. Get a new defensive coordinator, move him back to free safety, and let's go.

Of course, it's also great news on the other three, particularly Robinson and Ross. I was actually pretty impressed with Robinson's activity and tackle rate early in the year and I think he might actually be a little better than Tate at STAR, assuming they don't ship that with The Todd. Ross, meantime, was slated to be a starter at DE last year and will likely start atop the depth chart next season.

Tate, naturally, will be a senior next year. I've heard some fans worry that he'll head out, but I wouldn't worry too much about it; he won't be healthy by the combine and not many teams are going to risk a pick on a position-less player with a lingering injury. Next year will be big for him in re-establishing his draft stock, particularly if he can establish a position for himself.

Meanwhile, Robinson is going to be a sophomore, Cheeseboro a freshman, and Ross a junior. All of the waivers were expected, but it's still nice to know no curveballs were throw in this one.