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Maryland Minute 12.15.11: ACC Announces 18-Game Conference Basketball Schedule

Today's headliners, with more Locksley and basketball stuff post-jump:

ACC announces 18-game conference schedules for hoops
Starting next year (the 12-13 season) the ACC is going to an 18-game league schedule, which makes a lot of sense given the increase in membership. The extra two games will probably take a cupcake and a more high-profile opponent off the schedule for next year, but I think most fans are probably going to be pretty happy with the switch.

Read the full Randy Edsall-Washington Post transcript
It was a three-hour interview and so its quite a bit of reading. But it's worth going through.

Just because I think this is funny, though: seriously, he loves the third person. "That was not a Randy Edsall decision." "That's not something that Randy Edsall has something to do with." "Anybody who knows Randy Edsall, has been around Randy Edsall, who has played for Randy Edsall..."

I also love this exchange: "And what is your policy on dreadlocks?" "Love them."

Hiring Locksley would make a big impact locally for Maryland - Recruiting Insider
I know, I know, "duh." But it's wroth mentioning. The Forestville coach said "Immediately guys will be willing to give [Maryland] another shot with Locks." Barr speculates that Maryland could become major players with Wes Brown, Kenny Crawley (a four-star safety committed to Tennessee) and Ron Darby. Finish up with those three and I'll dance.

Mike Locksley's former assistant loves Mike Locksley
Craig Jefferies, a former coach at Dunbar in DC, speaks glowingly about Locks, calling him "one of the most intelligent coaches I've ever been around" and "a great fit." And Jefferies says Locksley would "be great for Danny O'Brien."

(Oh, and he helped to recruit Tim Tebow? Even though Tebow committed to Florida six months after Locksley left? Okay.)

Ashton Pankey returns to Mark Turgeon's good graces - Washington Times
Had a massive performance Wednesday. Turns out, as you could've guess, that he was benched against Notre Dame, but he responded to it very well. Good to hear. Has the potential to be a four-year starter.

Five things to watch when Terps return from winter break - Baltimore Sun
Don Markus throws out some storylines, of which the most important is obviously Pe'Shon Howard.

Mark Turgeon doesn't like fundraising and functions
I found this funny, for some reason.

"I have a busy calendar," Turgeon said. "I think it's one of those deals where we don't have games I'm busier because I'm recruiting, I'm doing this function, I'm speaking here, I'm speaking there. After we barely beat Mount St. Mary's, I screamed at three or four of my assistants and said 'I don't want anything else on my calendar.' So I have a few things on my calendar coming up here in the next week, and that sucker is going to be clear except for recruiting and basketball.

"I told my AD that. I've told our fundraising guys that. Let me coach my team. I know there's responsibilities that come with everything. When you're new on a job, you don't say no to many things. And I want to be a dad, and I want to be a good husband. A lot comes into play."

I can completely understand where he's coming from, and I'm sure every coach hates that kind of stuff. Still, it's probably necessary stuff for a high-major looking to be a blueblood.

Abner Logan down to the three, wants to decide before Christmas
The Massachusetts linebacker is down to Maryland, N.C. State, and Northwestern. At this point, landing a high three-star/low four-star type would be an amazing christmas present.