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Reports: Maryland Hires Local Super-Recruiter Mike Locksley as Offensive Coordinator

It's getting around, so we'll go with our friends at InsideMDSports. Long story short: sources are indicating that Mike Locksley is about to get hired at Maryland as the offensive coordinator to replace Gary Crowton.

This is right in the middle of the basketball game, so that's obviously the focus right now and we'll expand more on it later. Locksley was my ideal hire, and you can read more about him in my earlier post on the offensive coordinator situation.

For now, know that he's probably a "good-enough" offensive coordinator in the Xs-and-Os scenario. Not much in his history indicates that he'll be a cure-all for Maryland's offensive woes, though I do think he'll be as good as Crowton and quite possibly better. He'll likely introduce a pro-style offense, which should be a better fit for the Terrapins' personnel, so if nothing else he'll hold onto the ball more.

The real story, though, is the recruiting impact. In short, Locksley is a DC-area super-recruiter. He's like football's Dalonte Hill. He's not only one of the nation's elite recruiters, he's hands-down the best in this area. He got Arrelious Benn out to Illinois, for Juan's sake.

He will have a massive impact in recruiting. Massive. Mostly in the 2013 class, but also in the 2012 short-term. His addition should at least give Maryland a fighting chance at the elite locals, particularly Eddie Goldman but also Stefon Diggs and potentially Ronald Darby as well.

More later, including on his very public faults (punching an assistant, anyone?). Back to basketball.