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Gary Crowton "Will Not Return" to Maryland Next Season?

Finally, a <em>good</em> departure.
Finally, a good departure.

The first hint was probably that he started to shop around for a new spot. But I don't think I ever truly believed until now.

Three sources say Maryland OC Gary Crowton will not return to Terrapins next season.
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Ha, yes! One down.

Whether this is Crowton leaving of his own volition or Randy Edsall/Kevin Anderson forcing him out, I don't know, although I'm almost certain it will be painted as the former. No matter what, the first change that needed to made was just made. It's a start, at least.

Now, the obvious question: who replaces him, and what's the scheme? We'll hit on that later (it takes a bit more analysis) but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a pro-style scheme more in line with Edsall's past that would better utilize Danny O'Brien's skillset. Before Noel Mazzone got hired away, he was my front-runner, but we'll see what direction they decide to go before long.

Before I leave you, though, two words: Mike Locksley.