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Maryland Terrapins-FIU Golden Panthers: The GameThread

It's back! We had to live through an entire week with no basketball, but it's back now. I have no idea how I'm going to make it through the rest of this month. I need the hardwood. All of this football stuff is messing with me.

Anyway, just to make sure I get it really good and jinx-y: I really, really feel like Maryland should deal easily with FIU. They're not a team of snipers so outside shooting shouldn't be a problem, and they've lost some awful, awful games this year. I know Maryland will probably be in a battle with everyone, but I have a strangely good feeling about this one.

(And yes, when Maryland wins on a buzzer-beater I'll take full blame for making it so close.)

Game is at 7:30 on ESPN (thank you, lockout) and the high-profile TV channel means it's almost certain that there'll be an internet stream for the three of you who don't get ESPN or are working ... at 7:30 ... on a Wednesday night. Whatever.

On to the good stuff.

Random, Baseless Prediction: There are at least two (2) Maryland steals that lead to dunks on the fast break. Mychal Parker, your time is now.

Real Prediction: To prevent the jinx, I'll say Maryland by 4, but what I really mean is Maryland by 16.