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Cody Blue is Latest Maryland Football Transfer, Raises Transfer Count to Seven

Transfer Count (7)
Transfer Count (7)

Yep, another's leaving. The tide, it seems, hasn't really slowed. This one? Cody Blue, a sophomore defensive line reserve. The news comes from Jeff Barker at the Sun. Blue was diplomatic and said the transfer was "nothing against Maryland or its coaches."

For the record, Blue leaving may be sort of like Titus TIll leaving - it's possible he just didn't see the playing time there. He's a reserve defensive lineman; this isn't exactly a program travesty.

But for a defense that already lacked in depth, losing more depth isn't a great step to take. And, of course, it almost certainly has to say something about Edsall's environment at the moment, even its nothing we didn't already know. Players don't start all the time. Blue probably expected to never start. But the problem comes when reserves decide that, if they're not starting, it isn't worth putting up with Edsall. And we're seeing more and more of that, and it's scary for the future.

So, now the big question: does the Transfer Count reach double-digits? It's already at seven, and you have to think the loser of the QB battle in spring will transfer. So then there only needs to be two more, which seems sadly doable.