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Sigh: Maryland Linebacker Alex Twine Arrested on Friday Night

Anything else want to go wrong? Anything? Bueller?

Via Terrapin Trail, productive true freshman linebacker Alex Twine was arrested on Friday night and charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey a police officer. Assault it is not, true enough, but for a program in the dumps at the moment it's not exactly uplifting. Twine's case is here, if you're looking for more details.

More importantly, this places Twine's place on the team in some doubt. You'd think that this isn't something Randy Edsall wants to condone, given his personality, but then again he had no problem playing someone charged with a more serious crime. At the very least, a suspension is likely.

It's an Edsall test, for sure. I doubt anything too significant comes from this, but we'll see. Twine, of course, was one of Maryland's most promising freshman, starting four games and finishing with 44 total tackles. He was considered a potential starter for next year, and garnered a lot of fans (me included) with his productive play.

Let's look at the bright side: here's a problem with the football team in which Randy Edsall holds no blame. Progress.