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It's Signing Day: Layman Expected to Sign Today, Plus Praise for Dalonte Hill [Update: Everybody's Signed]

Haul #1.
Haul #1.

Doesn't look like Maryland should be expecting any surprises this Signing Day, which is the first opportunity for basketball (and every sport other than football) recruits to put pen to paper and make their college choice official. Via Chris Eckard:

#Terps basketball recruiting: Jake Layman should sign today, Seth Allen will wait until Friday and I haven't heard from Shaq Cleare.
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And don't worry about Cleare, either. He's been all Maryland for quite some time now.

It's not as though we should expect anything different at his point; there haven't been any major changes, and there haven't been any rumors regarding anyone looking around. Lock 'em in.

UPDATE: Gotta love Twitter: all three commitments are in.

Maryland just received LOI's from Shaq Cleare, Jake Layman and Seth Allen.
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We'll update throughout the day if/when the LOIs come in. Until then, enjoy this quick story from CBS Sports, which polled hundreds of coaches to come up with the list of the best (and most overrated) recruiters in college basketball. Of course, John Calipari and Sean Miller (*sigh*) are high on the list. So, too, is Dalonte Hill, who is listed as the #4 assistant "to get a prospect." Let's hope they're right.

And speaking of Dalonte: Jeff Borzello predicts Torian Graham to Maryland. Of course, he called Amile Jefferson to the Terps as well earlier in the year, and that isn't exactly turning out too well. He's likely right about Graham, though; it doesn't look like too many teams are involved right now, and Maryland certainly makes the most sense.

I still think Maryland ends up with five in this class, with Graham being the fourth. As for where that fifth comes from with Robert Carter and Amile Jefferson more or less off the board ... well, something always comes up. A player decommits unexpectedly (see: Ricardo Gaithers), or Maryland gets involved with a player late (remember Johnny O'Bryant), or they make a run at a player they used to be involved with (Andrew White, perhaps). Failing all that, an Alex Len, Haukur Palsson, Martin Bruenig, or Greg Whittington will always be there late. With the lack of depth and the likelihood of attrition (it's a new coach, remember), Maryland will probably need bodies in a bad way.

While we're on this topic: sorry for the lack of recruiting news around here lately. To do it properly requires a lot of time, and at least right now I don't have as much as I used to. At least for today, though, it gets top billing.