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Maryland Minute - 11.7.11 - Touching on the Penn State Debacle & Discussing Terps vs. Notre Dame Saturday

Hey hey, ho ho, it's time for Joe Pa to go.
Hey hey, ho ho, it's time for Joe Pa to go.

So, while this isn't directly tied to Maryland, it's probably the biggest issue facing college sports at the moment. It might also be the worst PR debacle I've ever seen, as well as one of the worst scandals involving college sports. I just thought it was worth mentioning, in case people wanted to discuss it. It should also be noted that this horrible scandal will impact Maryland. I don't think it's the best time to address those impacts, in light of what's still going on, but it will be something that we address in the future.

Also, in case you missed it, PSU had a press conference scheduled for 12:20 today with Joe Pa, which is his normal weekly presser. Today, they had around 150 media members there, then canceled it 15 mins before it was supposed to start. They then pulled JoePa from the Big 10 conference call with coaches and apparently did so on both counts without talking to him. Unreal. I think there is going to be a battle ensuing here and it's not going to end nicely. I personally think JoePa and the PSU President need to be fired yesterday. At minimum, they both should be suspended, pending an investigation. Just unacceptable that Sandusky was allowed to be around this program and that people didn't do more about this horrible, horrible, problem. There are legal obligations and moral obligations and not fulfilling either is grounds for terminations, in my opinion. It also put some things in perspective for me. While we're dealing with a frustrating season in football, at least we're not dealing with what Penn State is going through.

If you're interested in voicing your frustrations, especially in regards to how poorly Penn State's PR has handled this, I started the #ThingsHandledBetterThanPennStatePR hashtag on twitter, so go voice your frustrations there.

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Vasquez is awesome. I love how he called out the refs for wearing Nikes lol.

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