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Notre Dame Unveils Helmet for Saturday, Rivals Maryland for Weirdness

Maryland's become famous for their ... polarizing, let's say, uniforms, probably more than their play on the field at this point. But Notre Dame sees their turtle-print helmet and raises them, uh, this:


Yes, that is a gigantic shamrock on a weird gold texture-y thing. Whether or not its actually more or less aesthetic than Maryland's new helmets is a matter of opinion; Maryland's might be more out-there, but they're certainly not violating a sacred tradition the way these are.

Why they'd do this, instead of keeping the beautiful new even gold-er helmets they just debuted weeks ago, is beyond me.

But we've gotta answer this somehow, right? Even the Maryland Pride unis might not stand up. I say we go retro.

Or, y'know, use the national audience as a way to convince people that Maryland's uniforms aren't that ugly by going with the Demetrius Hartsfield-modeled retro-Redskins look.

Regardless, I'm thinking that fans of uniform traditionalism might be better off avoiding the TV on Saturday.