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Maryland Minute - 11.03.11 - Basketball is Back!

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We interrupt this tragic football season to bring you...the start of basketball season! Thus, please enjoy a mostly basketball-focused Maryland Minute today as the Terps open their season with an exhibition game tonight.

Maryland Basketball Will Not Appeal Alex Len's Suspension, Mark Turgeon Says - SB Nation DC
Looks like Maryland won't appeal the NCAA's 10 game suspension of Len.

Q&A With Maryland Coach Mark Turgeon Articles
The ACC Sports Journal talks with Mark Turgeon. Good read.

Terps Alex Len Cleared to Play in Exhibition: Fan’s View - Yahoo! Sports
Apparently Len is playing in the exhibition tonight. So, we'll get to see what this team will be like in 10 games when Len is back.

Back to square one for Terps hoops - Washington Times
Patrick Stevens breaks down Maryland's new approach at the point guard position.

Chuck Klosterman on Lew Alcindor, Pete Maravich, Bill Walton, and the 50 greatest basketball players in college basketball history - Grantland
Grantland breaksdown the Top 50 College Basketball players of all-time. Two Terps check in - Dixon and Bias. Sounds about right, although I'm surprised Dixon made the list over other Maryland players...

PressBox: Terps Will Use New Linebacking Corps Against Cavs
More on Maryland's new linebacking corps that we'll see against UVA. Please stop the run. Please.

Maryland DE Roman Braglio tells how he committed
Greg Gattuso is awesome. Significantly awesomer than even Sollazzo.

I just didn't know how to say it. I walked out and asked my father, "How do I say it?" He said, "What do you mean, how do you say it? Walk back in there and say you want to be a Terp." Coach Gattuso was walking out and he was like, "Roman, what's wrong?" I said, "Nothing, Coach. I want to be a Terp." He threw me over his shoulder and ran into Coach Edsall's office like, "We got him. We got him."

I will now never be able to get the image of a giddy Greg Gattuso carrying someone 6-4 and 260 over his shoulder into Randy Edsall's office. -BB