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Maryland Minute - 11.30.11 - The Edsall Bashing Continues

Randy Edsall has received a lot of criticism recently, not just from Maryland fans, but nationally. Well, that trend is continuing...

Hartford Courant columnist continues to pile on Edsall
He also teases you by saying that Jeff Hathaway was almost hired at AD over Kevin Anderson, until he haggled over money. He also goes H.A.M. on Edsall and says Maryland "didn't know what they were getting." -BB

My take - Definitely a must read, regardless of where you stand in the Edsall debate. There are some interesting quotes from his former players at UConn too. The more I read about Edsall, the harder it becomes to like the guy. I get what he's trying to do, but I think he's trying to utilize a model for a football program that isn't applicable at Maryland. We're not a 1-AA school transitioning to the BCS. Maryland football didn't need to be entirely re-invented. When Edsall arrived, the program was already a 20 story building. It needed some renovations, sure, but Edsall seems determined to tear the entire thing to the ground and start over. I just don't think that's needed nor is it necessary. It seems all of this is so much more about his ego than it is about producing success at Maryland. Also, had Hathaway been hired as the AD, it's hard to imagine how vastly different of a position Maryland Athletics could be in today. I don't know if it would be good or bad, but it would certainly be different. I doubt we'd be coming off a 2-10 football season though, because I don't think Edsall would be our football coach.

Amid NFL coaching rumor, Randy Edsall says he remains committed to Maryland - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
For those of you hoping for the perfect Edsall solution, it appears that it's unlikely.

Guest column: Football failure - Opinion - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
A Maryland fan, business owner, and booster weighs in on the Edsall debacle. I think he makes a lot of great points. Can't say I agree with the fire Edsall now point, but I think he's spot on with how poorly Edsall has handled this season and his inability to accept blame. I think that's why so many Maryland fans have been rubbed the wrong way by him. I also think Edsall better make some changes or Byrd is going to be empty next year.

Terps show growth in loss to Illinois - Washington Times
Despite their struggles, at least Maryland is improving in basketball. I wish Edsall would approach his team with the same honesty and accountability that Turgeon does...

HELLER: Terps' once-great track program on last legs - Washington Times
Dick Heller weighs in on Maryland's track program being eliminated.