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Maryland Minute 1.2.11: Terps Wanted to Talk to an NFL Coach, Plus More on Mackall

This guy, perhaps? Image via <a href="">Keith Allison on Flickr</a>
This guy, perhaps? Image via Keith Allison on Flickr

Kevin Anderson says he talked to NFL coaches during football search
Former, obviously - I don't think any current coaches would be interested, obviously. I pray that this is code for "I wanted Billick" - I was on the Billick train forever ago, and still think he would be a best case-scenario type. If he wanted the job, I can't help but think he'd be extremely successful, especially on the trail. Obviously, it appears he didn't want to deal with all the trappings.

David Mackall not coming back this year
Well, that should guarantee that he's another victim of attrition. Shame: he was easily one of my favorites on the team.

More on Mackall: late to team meeting on game day
That doesn't sound like a "suspended for the rest of the season" violation, so I'm guessing Mackall is actually a repeat offender.

This week's combo: white-red-white
The best combo there is, in my opinion. Also: shellmet!

Dorsey will start, Gilbert will play
Reinforcements are on the way, thankfully.

Virginia Football Week 9: Maryland Preview - Streaking The Lawn
Our Virginian SBN brothers are picking UVA by 10. And I can't disagree.

Redemption in return for duo - The Diamondback
Some very strong positive words from Quintin McCree there.

Preseason Pomeroy Ratings: Terps at 47, Predicted to Go 17-11 (8-8)
Wha? I'd take that in a second. That's above Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Butler, and N.C. State, among others.