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Maryland Terrapins-Illinois Fighting Illini: The GameThread

Not only do we have the game, but Nate Britt announces tonight, as well. Likely to UNC, but I'll hold on hope to the bitter end.

Anyway, it's on ESPN at 7:30 (the game, not the announcement). (Although, if you want an announcement open thread, this would work, too.) I'm guessing the attendance won't be stellar, but a Big Ten opponent should boost the numbers a bit.

Random Baseless Prediction: Do we see a bit of a breakout performance from Nick Faust tonight? I have a hunch. No reason whatsoever it should happen - Illinois has experienced guards and will press - but that's why it's random and baseless, after all.

Prediction: Maryland loses Nate Britt to UNC, and the game to Illinois. The Illini have too much experience and talent, particularly in the form of Meyers Leonard in the post. That said, I think the Terrapins will give them a run for their money, especially with the home-court advantage. If they can figure out how to break pressure, anything could happen.