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Danny O'Brien Featured in Wale Music Video, Is Cool

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This'll almost certainly be the only post of the day, so it better be worth it. And it is worth it. Like, Danny O'Brien cameo in a Wale music video worth it.

Because that's what happened. Remember when Wale gave a shout-out to DOB before the season in his song Barry Sanders? Well, now it's in video format.

Check the shot at :44. Or the screenshot below.


DOB's season has been supremely unfortunate and, sadly, may not be in College Park next season. Even if he is, a starting job isn't guaranteed.

Regardless, we need more Maryland players to be mentioned in rap song/videos. Some high school kid sees this video, and it helps to cultivate a culture of cool, particularly in conjunction with Under Armour. It's inarguable that Randy Edsall isn't the world's best "cool" coach, but hey, I'll take whatever helps.

Happy Thanksgiving. Go eat some turkey.