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Edsall, Terps Suspend Wide Receiver Ronnie Tyler for N.C. State

And some interesting Twitter responses.
And some interesting Twitter responses.

Not that I truly care too much anymore, but in case you're interested:

Maryland wide receiver Ronnie Tyler won't make the trip to N.C. State on Saturday because of academic issues, coach Randy Edsall said.

Yawn. Aside from Maryland being pretty terrible and the final game meaning essentially nothing, Tyler has been disappointing in his final season. There's the two-game suspension early in the year, and of course he's routinely struggled with drops, including one that might've won the Clemson game. So I'm okay with getting Marcus Leak or Adrian Coxson some more playing time. Tyler certainly doesn't get the same benefit of the doubt that, say, David Mackall got, based on their pasts (Tyler was also suspended for academic reasons for last year's final game).

But, uh, with a hat-tip to Dan Steinberg, the players seem to be taking this one pretty hard.




(@Maceez73 = Max Garcia, #73.) At the Steinz' link, you'll also find Danny O'Brien and Davin Meggett having a conversation consisting of Danny saying "Unbelievable" and Davin responding "Bro....", and I have no idea if that means anything or not.

But, uh, it's an interesting response. Whatever. I'm sure none of these guys are "fine young men."*

*My stance on Edsall is well-known. And this is simultaneously disturbing and fun to poke fun at. But for full disclosure: Maryland has sucked this year. It's no surprise that people aren't happy. Whether that is indicative of something larger, I don't know.