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Maryland Field Hockey Wins National Championship, Men's Soccer Advances to Sweet Sixteen

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We don't spend too terribly much time on non-revs around these parts, for a variety of reasons, not least of which time constraints. But yesterday was a pretty big day for all of Maryland athletics. Like, national championship big.

That's right: Terps field hockey clinched their second-straight national championship yesterday, defeating UNC 3-2 in overtime on a Jill Whitmer goal that, frankly, looked sort of incredible watching in real time (possibly because I don't know too much about the sport, but hopefully not). Anyway, that capped a furious Maryland comeback: the Terps trailed 2-0 with four minutes to go in the game, and in fact the game-tying goal came on a penalty corner with no time on the clock.

Props and congrats go out to Maryland field hockey for making everyone over here look good. That's the fifth national title in seven years, and only further cements Missy Meharg's legendary status.

Elsewhere, men's soccer had their first match of the NCAA Tournament, easily defeating West Virginia 4-0 at Ludwig, thanks in large part to a Casey Townsend hat trick. They'll move on to face 12th-seeded Louisville, who was actually flirting with the top spot at the beginning of the season. That'll be next Sunday (the 27th) at Ludwig; hopefully the place is rocking.

(And more good news in that area: 4th-seeded Boston College, who was Maryland's potential Elite Eight opponent, was upset by Rutgers. That means that Louisville will be the toughest opposition Maryland faces until/unless they get to the Final Four.)

We do have one final sadder note: women's soccer fell to Oklahoma State in the Sweet Sixteen, 1-0. OSU was actually the higher seed going into the game and Maryland gave them a run for their money, but couldn't pull off the upset.

I'm sure I missed some other non-rev stuff - tough to keep up with 27-and-soon-to-be-19 sports, you know - so if you notice something, add it to the comments.