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Maryland Minute 11.01.11 - Discussing Randy Edsall's Handling of Adversity

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After posting this story yesterday, which was sparked by comments Maryland head coach Randy Edsall made about managing expectations for sophomore quarterback Danny O'Brien, a very livid debate carried out among Testudo Times readers. Many were angered about what Edsall said and how he's handled this and several other situations. Others thought that criticizing Edsall about the quote was undermining Edsall and showing a lack of support for the university and football program. I think it's necessary to articulate the difference between criticizing and calling for the ouster of a coach.

I don't think Edsall should be fired. Do I think Edsall has made some mistakes this season? Yes. Has this team under performed? I certainly think so. But simply critiquing a coach for these mistakes doesn't mean I think he should be fired. He's doing things his way and while I don't necessarily agree with his approach all the time, that doesn't mean I think he should be fired. Edsall hasn't been on the job for even a year so how can we accurately judge his performance? I think you have to give the guy some time. I hope Edsall gets things turned around and I think most people feel that way. While he's made mistakes in how he's handled several issues facing this program, that doesn't mean he should be fired after being on the job less than a year. I think this piece by John Feinstein sums up everything perfectly; Edsall has made mistakes but this has been a learning process for him. He's a good coach who's hit some bumps in the road and hasn't done the best job dealing with them but that doesn't mean we should be calling for his head already.

Maryland football’s accountability needs to start at the top - The Washington Post

Randy Edsall: Core of Maryland team trusts my philosophy - The Washington Post
Edsall said the team is still behind him and urged fans to continue to support the team.

Terps' O'Brien unfazed by expectations - Washington Times

"No one's expectations are going to be higher [for] me than myself," O'Brien said. "I put a lot of pressure on myself to play well --- good pressure. Everything else kind of is what it is. You can't control it."

Smart kid, that Danny O'Brien. This is one of the many reasons why I thought Edsall should have just kept his mouth shut on the issue. You knew O'Brien would put pressure on himself to do well just based on his work ethic.

Terps getting run over
Maryland is giving up a lot of rushing yards. A lot. Speaking of which...

Hartsfield’s return shuffles up defense - Sports - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
Maryland is making some changes at linebacker, including having Demetrius Hartsfield back.

Rick Snider: Starting over at the top not a bad idea for Redskins, Terps | Rick Snider | NFL | Washington Examiner
I disagree with Rick Snider on this piece in regards to both coaches. And I'm not even a Redskins fan. Snider is 100% wrong in advocating for the removal of Edsall.

Turgeon will use walk-ons - Baltimore Sun
When you're down to seven scholarship players, walk-ons are going to have to play. I really hope Maryland hears about Len before the season starts...

#4 Terps to Honor Seniors Thursday

#4 Maryland will honor its seniors Thursday at 7:30 p.m. against Wake

Men's soccer's loss to Clemson proves crucial in battle for ACC - Sports - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
Good look at the status of the ACC Soccer picture.

#10 Maryland Halts Messiah, 82-36
The women's team, who's ranked #10, beat Messiah in an exhibition game.