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Maryland to Play Kentucky at New Barclays Center in 2012

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Remember that rumor about Maryland playing Kentucky at the new Barclays Center in 2012? Well it's no longer a rumor. Pack your bags everyone, we're taking a road trip to Brooklyn!

Per the Washington Post, via the AP:

Kentucky, Maryland, Morehead State and Long Island University will compete in the inaugural Barclays Center Classic next year. Officials of the Barclays Center announced the tournament will be held Nov. 9 in the new arena in Brooklyn. Kentucky will play Maryland in the featured game on ESPN, along with Morehead State against LIU.

This is a big deal, folks. This could very well be the first basketball game in the new Barclays Center and will likely tip off the season for college basketball, since the game is happening on November 9th. New arena, in New York, against one of the best programs in the country is huge. Plus, I think Maryland will be a good team next year, just based on our current class who we've signed thus far. The only players we're losing are Mosley and Weijs, and while Mosley's loss might hurt more than we think it will right now, what we're replacing those two with are some pretty talented kids.

I'm hoping to somehow get tickets for this event, as I think it will be awesome. I'm hoping this could be the kind of statement game for Turgeon and Maryland, announcing to the nation that Maryland basketball is back. And it obviously should be a great recruiting tool, especially if Maryland can win this game. Might the Harrison twins be in attendance? Winner gets their services?

What about the rest of you? Interested in going to this game? Think it's cool? What say you, Maryland basketball fans?