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Maryland Minute - 11.15.11 - Debbie Yow Deserves Most of the Blame for Budget Woes


I've said this for a long time now; Debbie Yow did Maryland wrong with her shady budgeting and then bolted to NC State because she knew her model was unsustainable and that everything would come crashing down. I hope people realize that now.

Maryland athletic cuts only answer to an overdrawn account - The Washington Post
Great piece. Maryland should have never had 27 sports and it wasn't sustainable. This falls on Yow. I've said it multiple times - she left Maryland because the S was about to hit the fan and she knew it. The fact that it was NC State gave her the perfect out and excuse to bolt.

O'Brien out 12 weeks to recover from a broken bone in left arm -

"I don't know if he can graduate based on the records I have," Edsall said. "He's very happy here.I have no knowledge of that (O'Brien transferring) happening or anything."

Interesting. Also, Tony Logan is probably your #2 QB now...

Terps Face Alabama in Puerto Rico
Damn...didn't realize Alabama had climbed so high in the rankings. #15/16? Really? Anyway, what I worry most about this game is that they'll be playing so many games in so few days. With our bench as thin as it is, that could spell trouble. It'll be interesting to see how we do against Bama though...

PressBox: Graham's Banner Of Redemption To Fly With Other Terps Greats
Great piece by Keith Mills discussing the road to getting Graham's banner raised in Comcast. Glad this is finally getting done. Here's yet another reason to hate Debbie Yow...

Brown is Terps QB by default | The Daily Times |
With DOB out for 12 weeks, Brown is your new starter.

After resounding victory, Frese expects even more from women's basketball - Sports - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
The women's basketball team finally beat Georgetown. Now, Brenda Frese is expecting more from her team.