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Sad: Maryland Commission Recommends Terps Cut Seven Teams

Well, the commission delegated with saving Maryland's athletic department from financial disaster has come out with its 26-page report. Among other recommendations, it suggests cutting seven teams: men's cross country, men's track, men's and women's swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's acrobatics and tumbling (i.e., competitive cheer), and women's water polo.

Obviously sucks to have to do this, but really, Maryland doesn't have any other choice but to make major changes, and that includes cutting sports. It's terrible, but it's where we are. Can't just ignore it.

Important to note that these are recommendations; nothing has gotten to Kevin Anderson or Wallace Loh, and they're making the final call. The Sun says Loh's call "is expected within the next couple of weeks."

Notably absent is baseball, which was the most controversial sport likely to be up on the chopping block. It looks like the athletic department is going to make a long-term dedication to making the baseball program viable. It's certainly huge at many other schools, but it hasn't had momentum in College Park in years. Better hope Erik Bakich is in this for the long haul.

Seeing men's track and field is a bit of a surprise; track coach Andrew Valmon is actually slated to be the USA Olympics coach, which is likely some great PR, and it has a fair amount of tradition at Maryland, though that's historical more than recent. Of course, everyone has their own sports.

The news that swimming was going down leaked out last week, and there's now a "Save UMD Swimming" movement. Expect them to pop up from each of the sports that might go down. Hey, it worked for Cal baseball.

I'll look the rest and see if there's anything of note.