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Maryland Terrapins - UNC-Wilmington Seahawks GameThread: Basketball Is Back

I don't care that this season is likely gonna suck. I don't care that Maryland might not win 12 games. I don't care that there are only seven healthy and eligible scholarship players on the team right now. I don't care that Maryland missed out on landing a top-20 player in the 2012 recruiting class.

Basketball, quite simply, isn't the monstrosity that Maryland football has been this year. In basketball, there is hope. And for that, I am grateful.

TV Info: Game is at 8:00. It's not on the tube, but you can watch on TerpsTV if you shelled out $10 to watch the exhibition earlier this month. If not, you can watch it for free on (that's a direct link to the video).

Random Baseless Prediction: You know what it had to be. Nick Faust makes his debut with 13 points, 10 rebounds, and 12 assists. He actually qualifies for a quadruple-double, though, because he goes to 11 on the Swag-O-Meter.

(For the more serious, less eternally-optimistic crowd: Berend Weijs ends up with more blocks than points.)

Prediction: The Seahawks keep it close, especially after they make a run late in the first half, but Maryland's superior talent - especially on the perimeter - wears them down. Terps win Turgeon's debut, 74-61.