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Maryland QB Danny O'Brien Out for the Year With Broken Arm

A bit late on this, but still post-worthy: Danny O'Brien, who left last night's game against Notre Dame with an injury in the third quarter, has a broken arm and won't return this year.

Edsall: "Broke a bone in his upper-arm, know more when we get out and talk to doctors" Danny O'Brien out for the year.
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Although I think it makes sense to point out that "out for the season" could mean as little as "out for two weeks," since that's all there is left. That's not to belittle the injury; I'm just curious to hear how much he'll be out real-time. Regardless: best of luck to his recovery.

I suppose this gives an end to the annoying back-and-forth QB controversy that had been occupying Maryland football for about a month now, though in a sad way that no one's happy to see. Regardless, the onus now falls on C.J. Brown, the quick-legged runner who started against Clemson, Florida State, and Boston College.

Everybody knows I'm a big Brown fan, but even I now have a few worries about him as a full-time starter. Hopefully, Gary Crowton rely heavily on the zone-read option, which is his strength and a very dangerous play. Brown's arm also seems to have some liveliness when he goes deep; it's the short passes he seems to struggle with. I still think he can have success in the right offense, but I'm not sure Crowton can call the right offense for him.

But the really scary thing: Brown is Maryland's only scholarship QB right now. Behind him on the depth chart are walk-on freshmen James Joseph and Troy Jones. And with Brown's playing style, it's really a matter of time before he takes a shot from a head-hunting linebacker. Things could get really interesting at quarterback in the last two games.