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Wow: Nick Faust to Start at Point Guard in Terps' Opener Against UNC-Wilmington

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Jawdropper. Image via

Mark Turgeon, you're nothing if not bold. Starting a true freshman swingman at point guard? Huevos.

#Terps freshman guard Nick Faust will be the starting point guard tomorrow night. Terrell will move to the two to free up him to score.
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And that roster situation has something to do with it, too, I guess.

Of course, we've seen and heard many hints from Turgeon that Terrell Stoglin wasn't his ideal point guard, and frankly you could see it with the naked eye in Maryland's exhibition against Northwood as well. Especially early in the game, Stoglin tended to over-dribble and force shots. He was even pulled at one point for a particularly rough stretch. Faust, despite lacking background at the point, never really seemed to force things as the distributor, which seems to be something Turgeon prioritizes.

You still saw some rough spots in Faust's point guard game that Turgeon has to iron out - for instance, he wasn't forceful enough in demanding or getting to the ball - but given how raw he is there, that's no surprise. As backwards as this may seem, allowing Stoglin to play off the ball, where he's much better, will likely serve the team better. Stogs will have to put up major points and is probably Maryland's best player right now, so they might as well put him where he'll have the most success.

We'll have to wait to see how Faust can handle the pressures of playing point guard at this level, particularly when other teams lock down on him, and see if he can score points while distributing - not an easy task for anyone, let alone a true freshman who isn't a point guard. But I have to say, I think I like the idea.

And yes, this is more proof that this team really misses Pe'Shon Howard as a pass-first distributor. When he returns in January sometime, the lineup should be significantly easier to juggle, and will give Maryland two dangerous scorers on the wing with Stoglin and Faust back at his natural position.

The good news: a cursory glance of the schedule shows no elite point guards on tap until perhaps the Miami game and Durand Scott in early February, and Howard might be back by then. Faust will more just be keeping the ship steady than anything else. (Edit: Actually, now that I think about that, Trevor Releford with Alabama might qualify as well.)

I guess our love affair with Nick will have to start slightly earlier and at a very different position. But make no mistake: it's still coming.