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Edsall on Danny O'Brien: "Maybe I didn't do a good enough job of minimizing expectations for him."

Maryland head football coach Randy Edsall has experienced a lot of criticism recently, stemming from a quarterback controversy, poor special teams play, an empty stadium this past Saturday and a 2-6 record. I thought some of criticism was a little unwarranted and over the top, but then today Edsall said this about Danny O'Brien when he was asked about whether he'd pulled the sophomore quarterback aside at some point to discuss his struggles this season. Thanks to Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times who transcribed Edsall's response:

"I've talked to Danny and talked to him and brought him aside just like I have everybody else. I told him even on the field the other day 'Just go have fun.' I think that's all you have to do. Just go out and have fun, prepare the right way, go out, work hard and have fun. That's what it's all about. Some people want to make this about life and death and it's not about life and death. It's about going out there and enjoying the experience and playing the game.

"Again, I think sometimes that expectations on young people can make it tough as well. Maybe I didn't do a good enough job of minimizing expectations for him. So again, I think those are things we all can learn from. The only thing that you can do is go out and do your best. Some days, you're going to be good. Some days, you're not going to be good.

The quote continues on but I've highlighted the part that I thought was a little unsettling if you're a Maryland fan. Didn't do a good enough job of minimizing expectations for him? Really? If that's the case, maybe you shouldn't have taken O'Brien across the state to these Terrapin Club open houses and discussed how great he was. Maybe you shouldn't have let Kevin Anderson get in front of the crowd and tell people that he thought O'Brien would win a Heisman before he graduated!  If you're arguing that you should have lowered expectations for him, that seems as if you never believed in the kid in the first place.

I'm just speechless when I think about the expectations of this team after that Miami win and the buzz surrounding the program from that win and the Maryland pride uniforms. Now, on November 1st, that seems like it was years ago. The momentum lost by Maryland can't be emphasized enough. But I guess we as fans didn't do a good enough job of minimizing our expectations for this season. As FakeKevinAnderson said on twitter - "Crabcakes and minimizing expectations: that's what Maryland does!"