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Bad News: Kenny Tate "Doubtful" for Georgia Tech Game

Maryland sees your two questionable linebackers, and raises you their most talented player as doubtful.

According to Maryland's most recent injury report, their star (and STAR) linebacker Kenny Tate isn't likely to play this weekend. The nature of the injury isn't disclosed, but it seems likely that he won't be taking the field in Atlanta this Saturday.

His most likely replacement is redshirt freshman Mario Rowson, a former cornerback who was moved down to 'backer the same time Tate was. He hasn't seen much playing time in the four games this season, though he did make an important tackle for loss against Towson.

Tate's loss is another big hit to Maryland's linebacker corps, and, really, their entire defense, which has been particularly injury-ridden. The Terps are also without starting weakside linebacker Darin Drakeford, plus defensive tackle Andre Monroe, defensive ends Isaiah Ross and Justin Anderson, and safety Matt Robinson, all of which claimed a starting spot at some point in the year. Maryland's defense is really hurting, problems they didn't need given the troubles they've already been running into and the fact that, oh, they're about to go up against the nation's top offense.

In fairness, it should be said that Tate's impact has declined dramatically since he moved down to LB, so this isn't the same deadly loss that it would've been had he still been a safety. That doesn't mean it isn't potentially harmful, though, or disappointing.

Elsewhere on the list, both Nick Ferrara and Matt Furstenburg are listed as probable. Furstenburg was injured against Towson, while if Ferrara couldn't go his likely fill-in would be true freshman Nathan Renfro.