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Alex Len Eligibility Watch, Day 61: All Quiet on the NCAA Front

Before you ask: no, there's still been no announcement regarding the eligibility of Maryland's newest big man, Alex Len.

The 7-1 Ukranian officially joined Maryland's team back on August 29, and we've been guessing about his eligibility status since ... well, August 29. That's 61 days of waiting. And it's been slowly building up to be nothing but torment.

The initial assumption was that he'd be eligible fairly easily, but the more time has gone on, the more nervous the fanbase has collectively become. By now, we're biting our nails for a ruling. First we thought it might get it on the 14th, which Mark Turgeon had hinted at earlier in the month. We didn't.

Then we thought we might get one on the 21st, when Len himself tweeted that it was a "big day" and was wished luck from several teammates. We didn't.

And then we thought we'd get one today (well, now yesterday), again spurred on by Len's tweets. And, at least to this point ... still nothing.

Yes, this is a non-update update. But with all the importance Len might carry this season, it's not superfluous. He might not be a savior, but he'd give Maryland a big, tall, athletic body to run the floor and slam home dunks, which is especially important now that Pe'Shon Howard is injured and Maryland won't be able to go four guards with regularity.

(If you're curious, the question is the nature of his relationship with his former team back home in Ukraine, Dnipro. Think Enes Kanter or Deniz Klicli. It's not exactly an easy topic to judge, in all fairness.)

And so we wait. And wait. And wait. At this rate, we might be lucky just to hear something back by the start of the season.