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Maryland Minute 1.7.11 - Streaks at Stake Heading into Maryland-Duke

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Terrapins Insider - Streaks at stake when Terps meet Blue Devils
Duke's won 24 straight. Jordan Williams has eight straight double-doubles. And Nolan Smith has five straight games with 20+ points. Plus...

Beginning of the road isn't often kind to Maryland - D1scourse
Eight straight ACC road opener losses. Yikes.

Greg Gattuso, Pitt DL Coach, Headed to Maryland in Same Role
Solid hire. I wasn't a huge Sollazzo fan, and Gattuso is very good. They've had some great talent there over the past few years (Greg Romeus, for example) and he was the primary recruiter for Western Pa., which Maryland has mined the past few years. Lee Hull has been doing pretty well there the past few years, too, so it'll be interesting to see where he ends up recruiting. The DC area? Considering how well he did in PA despite minimal connections, maybe it's worth a shot.

Anyway, Gattuso is a somewhat big name with some solid recruiting connections and a good coaching history. Edsall's staff, at least at first blush, is shaping up very nicely. Now, just get someone with local connections already. And retain Brattan.

RTC - Winners and Losers of Non-Conference Play
Maryland's a loser, of course. Good news: the non-conference season isn't over.

D.C. Sports Bog - Scott Van Pelt on the Edsall hiriing
His thoughts:

Edsall might not have excited people initially, but I think he walks into a pretty good situation. I think he'll be good. And look, all these clowns on the chat room boards that are saying they're never gonna go to a game, what are you gonna do next fall? Not watch football? You're gonna support Maryland. So if they're good, everybody will forget all the anger that they had last week.

Agreed. The whole anger thing is already subsiding among the fanbase. Did Maryland miss an opportunity? Maybe. We'll never know. But Edsall's in now.

NCAA: Texas Tech broke major recruiting rules in football, softball, golf - ESPN
First things first: it's not a huge deal. It's spread amongst several sports, for one, meaning that the "1,000" number is really around 200 or so for football. And text messages are a relatively small offense. And hey, Leach has never even sent an email, so I'm pretty sure he's not the main culprit in all this.

Still, this would be a PR hit for sure had Leach been hired.

Reviewing Maryland's 2006 football recruiting class - D1scourse
Solid group, but not amazing. Remember: this group included Antwine Perez, Da'Rel Scott, Morgan Green, Brian Whitmore, and Jeremy Ricker. I feel like they could've done so much more. Perez and Scott had solid careers, but Perez only received PT this season and Scott was up and down. Green, Whitmore, and Ricker...well, you know.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Apparently we missed this earlier: Maryland has shown interest in Michael Carrera, a 2012 PF (and a Venezuelan, just like a certain Maryland legend). He plays for Montrose.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Jimmy Stewart
13 sacks, 40 tackles. Teams tried to avoid the guy on the other side, Aaron Lynch, who's a top 100 player, and Stewart - an undersized DE/OLB tweener - benefited.