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Maryland Minute 1.6.11 - Was Maryland Ever Serious about Leach?

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Want to know how a two week vacation to Thailand can get ruined?  By constantly checking your phone about the MD Football Coaching hire, only to find out... it's Randy Edsall.  Just got back yesterday, so I'll share some quick thoughts on the hire:

The Terps had a chance to generate national interest, put fans in the seats, make a bold move, and bring real excitement to the program.  They shied away from all of that for a guy who's career record is no better than the alum's who they just fired.  I love the University of Maryland.  I will still go to games, scream my lungs out, blog about them, and be a fan.  But my level of excitement for Terps football right now is at a 5, when it could have been at an 8.5 with the Leach hiring.  

What's done is done.  I'll give Edsall a chance, and support him like I did the Fridge.  But we had a chance to go from "good to great" (as KA once told us) and instead, it seems like we made a lateral move.  

Onto the MM...

He doesn't think so...

"I talked to Maryland," Leach said. "I don’t know how serious they were. My record speaks for itself."

I'm still in recovery mode. Unless Edsall ends up being a slam dunk hire, I, for one, will always wonder 'what if?'

Bowie's new spot on the hardwood | Washington Examiner

I've been screaming it since Day 1: Adrian Bowie is much better off the ball. He's averaging 13 points in his last three games since making the switch, as opposed to just 8.3 before. Hopefully Gary sticks with the lineup we saw against Colgate.   

Roy Williams visited Desmond Hubert tonight?

Via Tim Burke. Not sure how reliable the source is, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. I still think the Terps lead here, but if Roy gets more serious about Hubert, they're obviously a major threat.

D1SCOURSE breaks down Duke's Losses after Double-Digit Win Streaks

Summary: MD and UNC are, historically, the top giant slayers of hot Duke teams. No surprise there.

Tom Brattan Could Return as OL Coach

First, it was reported that he wouldn't be back, now Patrick Stevens is saying there's a chance. Would be a good move, IMO. What he did this year with the talent he had was Gary Williams-esque.

Friedgen and Edsall Co-Coordinated 1998 GT Team

This may have been posted before and I just missed it. Ralph and Edsall were Offensive and Defensive coordinators, respectively, for the 1998 Georgia Tech team. This past year, Friedgen was ACC COY, while Edsall was named Big East COY. As we all know, Ralph was fired and replaced by Edsall. Interesting how these two have crossed career paths again.

Terp Women Drop Game to Duke; Bad Omen?

A 71-64 loss for Brenda's squad. Not to get all pessimistic, but I'd be surprised if the men get that close.