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Maryland Minute - 1.4.10 - How Far Has ACC Basketball Fallen?

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ACC basketball isn't must-see TV this season | |
Pretty much sums it up.

Kenpom simulates conference racesThey did 10,000 simulations. MD won the conference 96/10,000 times. Yikes. That's 4th best though, FWIW. Why is the ACC so bad? In regular rankings, Ken Pom has MD at 13.

DC Sports Box - Maryland Trounces Colgate, 95 - 40, Terps Cruise in Final Tune-up Before Duke
Wow, what an awesome game recap. This guy is the best author ever! Seriously, check out my game recap, especially some of the quote I got. Good stuff.

Big Paydays for Merriman -
Maryland beats Duke! Well, Merriman got the millions back that he lent Christian Laettner and Brian Davis. Hopefully that somehow translates to MD beating Duke on Sunday...

Rising in the East: Why Big East Coaches Continuously Bolt Out of BCS Conference | Bleacher Report
Interesting piece on Big East Coaches bolting. But this is why Bleacher Report will never rise up from their current state of mediocre writing - they get things wrong WAY too often. When was Chris Petersen ever a candidate for the MD job? OH, that's right, HE WASN'T.

Plus-Minus for Colgate

Patrick Stevens works his magic...

Top 10 Fridge Moments

Stevens also counts down the top-10 Ralph Friedgen moments while at MD.

Some more from KenPom on why FG% is dumb.

Interesting point. He uses Md as an example...