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Maryland Minute - 1.3.11 - Will Terrapin Nation Warm Up To Edsall Hire?

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First, I don't think people have a problem with Edsall himself - I think he's a great coach. I think people look at what Anderson said in his press conference on December 20th and look at Edsall and things don't seem to watch up. I think people are frustrated that Edsall doesn't encompass the buzz that people were expecting from a Mike Leach type hire. But the more I hear from Edsall, the more I think he is a good fit. They need a grass-roots effort to re-energize the fans and donors and I think Edsall will do that.  But Maryland also needs to commit more resources to football if they really want to achieve success on the levels they discussed yesterday.

Anger subsides, but hiring of Edsall still questioned -
"I do believe in the concept of a good, solid, safe hire, but I also know that if you're going to fire a coach because the fan base is apathetic, I don't know if this is the person you want to hire at the outset to get people excited." I think Boomer sums it up perfectly...

Media roundup: What they're saying about Terps football coach Randy Edsall -
Seems like the general consensus is Edsall is a good guy and great coach but doesn't necessarily fit the "business decision" / want to increase attendance profile Anderson discussed at his press conference on Dec. 20th.

Kevin Cowherd: There's no sizzle in Maryland's hiring of Randy Edsall -
Yup, sums it up. Listen, Edsall is a great, great coach. No one is doubting that. But he better be winning a lot early otherwise you won't see more fans in the stands. If Edsall wins, fans will come. Had they hired Leach, I think they would have come earlier, but hiring Edsall delays that buy half a football season, IMO.

The Toy Department: Even if Maryland hired the right coach, it bungled the entire process -

Baltimore Sun reporters -

Edsall should succeed, and when he does, some of these bad feelings will fade. But the larger issues will remain. Maryland's total operating budget for football, according to the most recent figures, is a little more than $9 million. We don't know how that ranks against private schools in the ACC like Wake Forest, Duke, Miami and Boston College, because they don't have to disclose their books, but it's less than every public ACC school except N.C. State's $7 million. Clemson spends $10.8 million. North Carolina around $10.5 million. Georgia Tech approximately $12.9 million. At Virginia Tech, it's $14 million. And if you want to compare them with the big boys of college football, it's not even close. Ohio State football operating budget is $25.7 million.

The University of Connecticut's operating budget is over a million more than MD's at $10.4 million. Wow...our operating budget is less than UConn's? Yikes.

Mike Leach not sure why he didn't land Maryland job -
One thing I think most people will agree with is that Maryland should have at least called Leach and said sorry, we're going with someone else.

Football, UConn, notebook -
Interesting to hear what Calhoun and Geno Auriemma had to say about Edsall...

First Bracketology of the Season
Huzzah! Not really. Anyway, Lunardi has Maryland as one of the "next four out." Meh. -BB

I hate Lunardi. More overrated analysist ever!

Merriman Coat Drive Set for Tuesday
If you're going to the game and have an extra jacket to donate, don't forget to bring it tonight!