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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Duke Week

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<a href="" target="new">Ha ha</a>!
Ha ha!

Everybody's favorite week has arrived: that's right, it's Duke Week (replete with a sanctioned post-game bonfire, which is sure to stop any and all riotous activity should Maryland pull out the victory). Wednesday's game int he Comcast Center is crucial for a lot of reasons, mostly ones with NCAA tournament implications, but it's mostly important because it's Duke. 'Nuff said.

In the spirit of Duke Week, I give you:


Okay, so maybe it's really Duke Half-Week. After all, the game goes down on Wednesday. But in the name of "not looking ahead," this is the earliest I could in good conscious do this.

And please, post your own favorite YouTubes/pictures/gifs of Maryland besting Duke in some fashion. The more the merrier.

Previews and what-not can (and will) come later. For now, just stare at that never-ending loop of beauty that is Jordan Williams posterizing John Scheyer.