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Maryland Minute 1.30.11 - Welcome to Schadenfreude: Duke Gets Destroyed

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Today, we were all St. John's fans.
Today, we were all St. John's fans.

St. John's Thrashes Duke, 93-78
Ladies and gentlemen, if you feel some weird satisfaction at hearing this news, that's called "schadenfreude." I don't know if you can call this a "blueprint" of any sort - SJU was just unrealistically on fire today, on both sides of the floor - but the good news is that they pressed, and that it worked. (It was more of a "trap", but whatever.) The other good news: Duke got blown out!

Why Duke's Loss To St.John's Might Be A Bad Thing For The Terps - Half Smokes
It probably is, in two ways. One, the way said here: Duke will likely be more focused on Wednesday. And secondly, not mentioned here, it will likely devalue Maryland's win over the Blue Devils if it ever happens, even if only slightly. And three, it makes the ACC look even weaker, considering their best team just got routed by a middle-of-the-road Big East team.

And really, I don't care.

Terps dabbling in double-digit road wins at unusual pace - D1scourse
Terps already have three. They've never had more than 5 in a year.

Desmond Hubert Still Down to MD-UNC, No Decision Coming Soon

Senior Bowl: Da'Rel Scott Runs for TD, Leads North Team in Rushing
With 15 whole yards. Not exactly the stock-changing game he needed, but it's still nice.

Terps Dole Out Awards At Annual Banquet
This was Friedgen's farewell, which was probably touching.

"I want to thank my family, the coaches and all the staff in the Gossett Team House," said Friedgen, a two-time ACC Coach of the Year. "I also want to thank the players, their families, the fans and all the alumni. I feel really blessed."

A few of the awards: R.J. Dill is the unsung hero, Andre Monroe is the scout team defensive player of the year, Davin Meggett was most improved (really?), and Kenny Tate was the defensive MVP, among others.