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Maryland Minute 1.28.11 - Terps Football Banning Scooters?

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Pete DeSouza, via <a href="">Section 19</a>. All the best goes out to him, and hopefully the recovery is going well.
Pete DeSouza, via Section 19. All the best goes out to him, and hopefully the recovery is going well.

Scooters Banned from Football Team?
Sounds like it.

According to one redshirt freshman, new Terps football coaching staff has banned scooters

I'm sure you remember Pete DeSouza's injury, the ensuing cartoon controversy, and then Dexter McDougle's injury. This was a hot-button topic for sure.

There's some sensitivity, but from an outside standpoint, this looks like a good decision for a lot of reasons. Two players were seriously injured on these things. From a "business" standpoint, it's something that Edsall had to do: you can't have guys missing playing time for avoidable injuries. But this isn't a business, and the main goal is player safety. Again: two players were seriously injured, and are kind of lucky just to be alive. I can't blame Edsall, Anderson, or whoever made this call; I probably would've done the same.

Recruiting Report: Reports: Ryan Malleck switches commitment
Phooey. Maryland's a little short at the TE spot; they've only had one TE commitment (Dave Stinebaugh) in the past two years.

NCAA Bubble Watch: No New Faces In Tournament Field, But Still Plenty Of Changes -
Maryland is in the "next four out" category. If they can make a run, they'll have a good chance.

247 Sports Prep Prospects Rankings
Two Terps check in, with Tyrek Cheeseboro at #17 and Nate Clarke at #12. Rodman Noel, a former commitment that ended up at N.C. State, was #14.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know the drill. Oh, and bad news: UConn is "showing interest" in Desmond Hubert. Still think Maryland is the team to beat, but you never know.

Catching up with Tamir Goodman, aka 'The Jewish Jordan' - The Dagger
Ah, the Jewish Jordan. If want to do some catching up to see what he's up to now, this is worth a read. He's in Cleveland now, coaching basketball at a Jewish private school. Huh.