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Maryland Minute - 01.27.11 - Where Does Maryland Stand After Their Win Over UVA?

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Going to UVA for the game last night was fun, but being able to see this on the scoreboard as you left made it a lot better. (c) - David Tucker
Going to UVA for the game last night was fun, but being able to see this on the scoreboard as you left made it a lot better. (c) - David Tucker

First off, I had the chance to travel down to UVA yesterday for the game. If you live in the DC Metro area, it really only takes about two hours to get down there, so it's actually a lot closer than you may think. Tickets are affordable (mine were free as a result of some writing I do for Raycom Sports) and easy to get and John Paul Jones arena is pretty nice.

We didn't have a MM yesterday because a). Ben G. and I both didn't have power for most of the day due to the snoPRISE! storm and there really wasn't any note worthy Terps news to report. So now that you're up to date, I bring you today's MM...

The 68 - A look at Maryland's NCAA tournament hopes after the victory at Virginia
Good summary by Prisbell of where MD stands as of today when it comes to their NCAA tourney chances. They really need to beat Duke on Wednesday...

Tracking the Terps: Notes on Maryland 66, Virginia 42 - Jeff Barker -
Good stuff from Barker as always.

Williams: Maryland not always on same page
Ben G. - Just a snippet from SI Rumors via WAPO but pretty interesting stuff. Gary says that the Athletic Department isn't unified, and hasn't been the last 15 years. There's some subtle shot at Dr. Yow in there, as well.

My take - hopefully Anderson can unite the department and hopefully such a unity will help with things like recruiting...

Recruiting Report: Meet Evan Mulrooney

Ben G. - I've always liked Mulrooney. He's got good size for a center and a good head on his shoulders. Should be a solid four year player for the Terps.

Ex-Terp E.J. Henderson added to NFC Pro Bowl team -
Congrats to E.J.

Duke: Our rival, no matter what they say - The Diamondback - Opinion
Duke is A rival and we're one of their rivals. Despite what the Crazies say, you can have more than one rival.

Terrapins Insider - Talkin' Terps: Would missing the NCAA tournament be a disappointment?
Would losing your arm be a disappointment? Would losing your job be a disappointment? OH COURSE MISSING THE NCAA TOURNAMENT, no matter who you lost the previous season, would be a disappointment. I really don't understand why some writers ask stupid questions like this. Surprisingly, they all seem to originate from the same news paper...

Men's college basketball: Maryland 66, Virginia 42 - Washington Post
Some photos from the game by the Post.