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Greivis Vasquez Might Be Seeing His Banner Raised on Feb. 20 Against N.C. State

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If you were attentive, as some around here were, you had some inkling of this earlier in the week. But now it's approaching semi-official status: Gary Williams says Greivis Vasquez's banner/jersey will likely be hung in the rafters on Feb. 20, when Maryland takes on N.C. State in the Comcast Center. That's all pending some "things" and Gary says nothing is decided yet, but if he's talking openly about it, I have to imagine they're somewhat far along.

That makes  sense, as it's the same long weekend as the NBA All-Star break, which would give Greivis some time to come back. And it's only fitting that it happens against NCSU: not only is that Debbie Yow's new home, it's also the opponent against which Greivis had most of his success. Many see the Wuffies as a similar program to Maryland, but Greivis never lost a game to them, going 7-0 in his time at Maryland. Some of his best performances came at against N.C. State, including games of 26 and 33 points, and many of them were in crucial bubble situations.

Of course, there's little debate anymore about whether Greivis is rafter-worthy. There was legitimate debate about the topic before Vasquez sparked a crazy, ACC-championship-winning run last year, after which 88% of you agreed that he deserved a banner-raising. Remember, too, that he also won the ACC Player of the Year award (only the fifth Terrapin ever to do that) as well as the Cousy Award. If he gets a banner raised, which seems nearly a lock at this point, he'll entirely deserve it.

This can all change and it's far from official yet, so don't go getting too excited, but if you're ready to see the General honored, you might want to make some preliminary travel plans.