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Maryland Minute - 01.25.11 - The 2011 Football Class Continues to Flutter

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Recruiting Report: Change of plans for DeMatha's Delonte Morton - Matt Bracken -
And it now appears Delonte Morton won't be on campus next year, likely due to academics. Unclear whether he'll do prep school or not. 2nd 2011 class causality in as many days, after we found out Larry Mazyck won't be on the team next year either.

Recruiting Report: Meet Makinton Dorleant - Matt Bracken -
Matt Bracken profiles 2011 football commit Makinton Dorleant. Hopefully he's actually here this year...

Terrapins Insider - Talkin' Terps: What are your expectations for Maryland football?
What are your expectations? I think 9+ wins and possibly playing in the ACC Title game.

Last Night's Winner: The Business Of Boosting (UPDATE)
Wow. Interesting piece on a big-time donor at UConn. I don't think donating money entitles you to a vote in how the athletic department is run or who they hire. But apparently these people feel differently.

Elmore, Adams among 12 in ACC Tourney Legends Class -
Looks like Len Elmore will be in the ACC Legends Class this year at the ACC Tourney. I'd say he's rather deserving.

Virginia Tech struggles in the second half
How did we get dominated by Va. Tech? They lost to Ga. Tech last night. By 15. Georgia Tech lost to Kennesaw State and Siena earlier this year. I mean, I'm happy Va. Tech lost, but now our loss to them look much worse.


Faceoff: An unofficial stab at 2011's preseason poll (Part 4) -

Terps check in at #5.