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Maryland Minute 1.21.11 - Links on 2012 Hoops Prospects Tokoto, Anderson

Sup y'all? Image via <a href=""></a>
Sup y'all? Image via

J.P. Tokoto Has Very Intimidating Top Five

UNC, Duke, Wisconsin (he's a Wiscy native), Kentucky, and UCLA.

Yep, cross him off the list. The prospects in 2012 look a little lighter now.

WaPo Profiles Justin Anderson
H/T to Matt Bracken (linked below). Good read on Maryland's #1 target in the 2012 class. He's basically Chris Wilcox as a SF. And it sounds like he's primed for another rise up the rankings; he's filling out his game, and his athleticism gives him basically a limitless ceiling. (Also, Spotsy Middle represent!) Anyway, with Tokoto off the board, Anderson becomes very nearly a must-land.

Kuiper’s 3-Pointer: Virginia Tech-Maryland
A former coach pretty much lights up Maryland...pretty deservedly so.

Gary Williams breaks down Maryland's offensive breakdown - D1scourse
He says they were open inside. I tend to agree.

Parker impresses in second-half stint against Hokies - D1scourse
Maybe he'll get some consistent PT now, huh?

"Sometimes you do that just to shake things up," coach Gary Williams said Friday. "I thought we were going along, not much excitement, just going along. When Mike got in the game, I knew immediately there would be a buzz in the crowd. You get that effect when you put a guy in like that. I thought Mike was fine. I thought he was poised out there. He certainly wasn't a negative out there on the court, that's for sure."

After listless game against Virginia Tech, Maryland looks to bounce back against Clemson
Read up on the WaPo preview of the Clemson game.

Dennis Dodd Ranks Edsall Hire #5 of the Off-Season
#5 probably isn't "transformative greatness," but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

Edsall Completes Staff
He announced all three of the final hires - Crowton as OC, Bradford as LB coach, and Dunn as TE - and none are particularly exciting.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Solid linkage, as always.